it seams like i am always fouling the ball straight back or popping up.
What am i doing wrong?

It’s hard to know without having video to watch. Popping up could mean you are out in front i.e., reaching or casting your hands or dropping them.

Can you give some more info? Where’s the pitch you are popping up/fouling off? What type of pitch…fastball, curve etc.? Do you notice if your weight is on the front leg or back or in between?

just BP

Dropping the shoulder which causes hard uppercutting and pulling your head.

Nail on the head Pustulio, I am doing the same thing.

Going along with this, I have never been instructed to not drop the shoulder. I’ve always heard to take a direct path to the ball. But it is very hard to take a direct path and drop your shoulder. So taking a direct path can usually correct that problem.

has to drop in proportion to the pitch plane. The higher the pitch the more level swing to the pitch plane and the lower the the pitch the lower the shoulder needs to go in order to get on the pitch plane.

Check to see where your balance is when swinging.