Former Major Leaguer gots connections

a scout said i have extremely good size.

I am 5’10 185lbs. I would like to get ripped. My maybe dropping 5-10lbs or so. Would this affect my chanches at that scout, signing me, or getting me to a school.

The scout said he has connections and said we will talk more in the next couple of months

But ya should i cut weight. get more ripped

or try to gain 10lbs more. 10lbs of muscle that is.

i havent seen you, nor do I know you, so this is not the word of god.

There are a LOT of skinny under 6’ pitchers leaving HS trying to play in college. If you are lucky enough to have a good thick build, dont try to get rid of it just yet. Once you are in your desired school, speak with coaches and trainers there. If you have something that sets you apart, dont get rid of it.

There are a LOT of skinny under 6’ pitchers.

alright i gotcha.

That means i will be bulking up 10lbs more than.