I throw a pretty good forkball it only spins about 5-8 rotations from the pitchers mound to home plate and floats quite elusively. I have seen forkballs that have a nasty 12-6 break I was wondering how to get the break. Thx

How do you distinguish that yours is a fork and not a splitter? Is it where you hold your thumb?

Do you tuck your thumb back toward the back of the ball, or do you set it out underneath the ball?

To get 12-6 break you want your forkball to carry a little overspin. Because of the way the pitch tumbles out of your hand, this may vary by arm slot. A spitter works on the same principle. I am not sure but 8 rotations maybe too many, Ian.

I put it underneath my thumb that is and i have trouble getting it to spin less because i am only 14 and dont have enormous hands thank you for your input I will keep trying. :smiley: