Fork ball

I have been throwing a forkball for two years now and i usually have trouble locating it beacause it either sails high or drops into the dirt. Do you have any tips on locating the pitch or should i just give up and concentrate on a different changeup

the fork ball is impossible to locate. you throw the ball in th dirt. if you want a locater pitch throw the splitter

I also throw a Fork/Splitter. This pitch is not meant to be thrown as a strike… if you have trouble getting ahead, drop the pitch! When I throw it I ALWAYS aim for the catchers mask. If I want to really bury it so the catcher has to block it, I aim for the chin piece on his mask, if I want to have it drop down to the shins of the batter so the catcher can catch it, I aim for the top of the mask. Never been able to throw a true fork that drops of the table for a strike.

Also make sure you always have the same grip when you throw it until you get comfortable… then you can start playing around with finger positions.

Its a great pitch when you know how and when to use it!

The one good thing about the forkball is that it gives the batters no end of conniption fits!
I’ve seen Jose Contreras throw both pitches, the forkball AND the splitter, and what he does is drop his arm angle and throw them both with a sidearm delivery. He does seem to have better control with the splitter, so you might to well to concentrate on that pitch—besides which, it’s easier on the hand, arm and shoulder because the grip is not as extreme as that of the forkball. 8)

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