I really think that forearm develop is very underrated in pitching. I hear people always talking about legs, shoulders,core but u never hear to much about the forearms. Also i had a friend of mine who had to have surgery and the doctor said that it was cuz his forearms were under developed and it was putting to much strain on his elbow. How many of you guys feel forearms are important?? Until this yr i never focused on them now ive been working my butt of to get them stronger. Im just wonderin if ne of u feel that there a main importance and what excersises u do for them thanks!!

What do you mean "your friend’s forearms were under developed?"
How old was this friend?

I do forearm work all the time. But I’m also relied on to be one of the top hitters on my team as well as pitching so I have to work on those babies.

strong forearms are wise to have due to the muscles protecting the MCL and UCL ligaments

after the improvement i have seen in my son doing an intense forearm workout for 4 years, i think you are dead on. ballplayers can really help themselves getting strong from elbow to fingertips.

get after it dude

You are more right than you know: Not only pitching, but hitting, too!

Deadlifts are a great way to work the posterior chain and get very heavy forearm work. Bench pressing helps you to get isometric strength there too while you push on a heavy object, which is always a nice thing to learn how to do. :slight_smile:

Chin-Ups / Pull-Ups help too, and good old heavy bar static holds are great as well.

Oh: And taking lots of batting practice. :slight_smile:

Oh: And taking lots of batting practice. :)[/quote]

that part is so true.

And throw every day.
Many pitching coaches in the major leagues advocate this. Even if it’s just playing catch for fifteen minutes or so. Or doing a full bullpen session where you throw all your pitches. Doing this not only keeps the arm loose and flexible but also strengthens it, and it helps to avoid the possibility of injury. I used to do this, and on the occasions when I had to relieve between starts that counted as throwing every day. 8)

If you are looking to build forearm strength, another good thing to do is a kettle-bell bench press, where you have to keep the bottom of the kettle-bells facing directly upward. This works the forearms quite it bit!