What are some good forearm exercises?

I already do Rollers once a week, plate holds once a week, forearm curls once a week

Forearm curls are on monday, rollers Wednesday, Plate holds on friday.

Anyone think of any more to do?


Several different forms of pullups

rice bucket drills

HEAVY deadlifts

k. thanks a lot guys. keep the answers coming. and i already do pull ups and RDL’s but ill start doing normal deadlifts instead of RDLs

RDLs are still very good for forearm strength. I would alternate RDL and the regular DL in your workout program, as they work different muscle groups but complement each other.

Additionally, you can just add static holds - where you and a buddy hold opposite ends of a barbell loaded with 225 pounds on it with one hand each. Do this for 30 seconds, then change hands.

Cheap 2 lb. $5 grippers from Wal-Mart can help you build forearm endurance and plyometric strength. They’re great to use in school, at work, or in the car!