Forearm Strain after Elbow Injury


I am just coming back after about 2 months off from a partial mcl tear/labrum tear. I have been doing throwing for about a month and had my first game back last sunday. My debut went great as I had increased velocity and I was able to cruise through 2 innings throwing only fastballs and changeups. My elbow felt good after the game the only thing is I have noticed a forearm strain/tightness come on over the last few days, is this something other people have experienced coming off an injury or could it be elbow related. I plan on taking it easy rest of the week and see how it feels next week.


When a joint in the body is injured, it is not uncommon to favor that joint during rehab and return to action. Unfortunately, that can cause an adjacent joint to be over-taxed. This is of particular concern when a mobile joint (like the shoulder) is injured because it results in adjacent joints (like the elbow) - which are stabile joints - being used as mobile joints which can lead to further injury. Since you injured your shoulder and your elbow, you may be trying to favor both of them and compensate with your forearm/wrist/hand and that is what has caused the pain/strain. If that’s the case, then I’d say you’re not game-ready yet. Otherwise, it could just be a conditioning issue.


Roger thanks for your reply. I dont feel like I am compensating with my forearm but when I go into PT this week I will ask some more about it. Is there anyway to really tell if I am overcompensating compared to just a conditioning issue.


Roger gives good advice in terms of one thing affecting another. I would go carefully with this. Forearm helps stabilize the elbow in the throwing motion.


You’re probably favoring your elbow and/or shoulder if…
(1) you feel like you need to limit your range of motion
(2) you feel like you can’t “let loose” and throw with max effort

If you are favoring part of your body, then there is a good chance you’re compensating using some other part.

Also, if you’re still going through PT, then I’m wondering whether you should be pitching at this point.