Forearm/elbow please help immediately

alright so we started practicing last week actually on monday of this week, and starting on wednesday my arm got really sore and its been hurting, keep in mind we run a lot and we stretch out really good, along with warming up in the proper steps, now its still hurting, i’ve been takin it easy on my throws the last 2 days. It will start throbbing in practice and hurt really bad about an 8 on a 1-10 scale 10 bein the highest… I also noticed when the palm is up the forearm muscle/tendon pops up more on my right side then on my left, like its swollen I asked my mom and she said it looks swollen and you can definately feel it when you rub over it, now my left is nowhere near as puffed out, what coudl it be? please help i’ve been heating and icing, and taking ibuprofen along with rubbing icyhot on it.

See a doctor. We arent doctors on here.

dude…see a doctor, that sounds pretty bad :redface:

it has gone down but not a lot, I will make an appointment on monday thanks.