Fore arm elbow?!

i got sum pain in my fore arm, just close to the elbow and a bit inside(to my body)

I doesnt hurt when i throw, only when i dunt use it or when i hit .

any ideas?

I would try before any practise put your arm out in frot of you and piont your fingers on your right hand up and use your left to pull it back ad go the same thing but down…

Most likely tendonitis. Go see a doctor. My friend has similar pain and turned out he had tendonitis.

K thx:)

i iced it few days ago felt alot better

didnt go to docter cuz he gonna say like : take sum rest
i already did, 1,5month without even TOUCHING a ball.

aneways , thx;) know i know i need to ice even more
if it hurts today during the game if i have to pitch, ill go see docter right away
just tell him i already rested alot.