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Whooo hoo…you get em kid!

Go Terps!


I sent you a pm.

I put this video in slow mo. Frames per second aren’t too high, so the quality isn’t that good.

But here’s the slow mo never the less.


He can definitely sling it.

Paul, thanks for the video.

Jimster, thanks for the slo mo.



The kid is gonna have to change his handle though…“Lanky” :lol: …how bout 'Brick_ _itHouse Lefty"…or “Stretch Armstrong Lefty”…“Solid As Sears” Lefty… :wink: …cuz man u ain’t Lanky anymore… :shock:


We honor our past nicknames when we use them. Keep tradition strong. :wink:

I agree…so from now on…The Formerly, Lanky Lefty :lol:

Maybe he can come up with a symbol like Prince…

Looking good.

Keep up the good work…still hoping to see you in the post season!!

thanks guys.

The mechanics I had against florida state aren’t 100% what I’m looking for. Again, around 87-90 in that game I believe I have thrown consistently harder than that in several intersquads and bullpens when I am more relaxed and rotational as opposed to over striding and being too linear. Also my arm action regressed a bit in these clips, when its much more synced up my arm slot is a hair higher (torso horizontal as opposed to slight lean towards throwing arm side) and my velocity is consistently higher.

I still haven’t had the gun on me during the times that everything has felt great, but it’s got to be 90-91+. In my last two intersquads (about 2 innings worth and some change, maybe 10 batters total) I have 5 strikeouts, 4 of them swinging, and I think only 5/10 hitters have put the bat on the ball, including foul balls. I also walked 2 my previous intersquad but located better and threw about 75% strikes while commanding the slider this past time.

Gotta keep on working! Hopefully I’ll get another shot next weekend with UVA and then in the postseason if we make it!