For you NPA guys

So the veteran pitcher Chan Ho Park looks like he kind of ‘rejuvenated’ himself after having some lessons with Tom House in the 07~08 offseason. According to the Korean article I read, they worked on balance, lowering his center of gravity, and lower arm slot. There was a clip comparing his release point from past and right now on his release point and his release point right now really is closer to the homeplate

A clip from yesterday’s game against Astros… what do you guys think? My apologies that I couldn’t get a good clip of him before this season

EDIT: This link has the release points of Park in chronological order����ȣ&sn=&ss=on

House doesn’t normally mess with a pitcher’s arm so I’m guessing the lower slot was due to an adjustment to some other attribute of Park’s mechanics - such as posture. Park’s spine does look more upright in the later pictures than in the earlier pictures. The upright spine would also lend itself to staying online with the target which would result in getting the release point closer to home plate.