For Those Who Love to Point Out The Obvious

This topic is for you. I just started to pitch again, and everything in the video is experimental. Today, I wasn’t doing so hot… just couldn’t get any juice out of my arm, so I shot a video and could use some (er… a lot) of help. Just one thing: I don’t have a good mound available in my city to use (yeah, kinda pathetic) so that’s why I lean back in my stride. If I had a mound, that would be a different story.

I am prepared for some harsh criticism, so let me have it

Looks kind of like you are rushing your delivery.

Try to stride out a little more this will stop your back leg from collapsing. You should stride out about 100% of your body height but over that is even better. I think it looks rushed because you don’t get the pitch and then get set, you just get set right away(which I believe is a balk?).

Yeah, the more I watch this, I’m realizing that I just was just not accomplishing what I had in my head at the time, which was to move forward more and take a longer, faster stride, but a slower windup. I’ll see about trying to move forward more, even without a mound, and I’ll get someone to take another video tomorrow in my game if I pitch.

As for the setting, I don’t do that in games, I knew I was filming and wanted to focus more on my stride than imagining a catcher giving me a sign where my garage door is.

Please, if there’s any little tweaks, I could use them

That’s a tough camera angle to analyze from, IMHO. And, even more importantly, I can’t see your feet. I typically base some of my judgement on what I see at foot plant but I can’t tell exactly when you plant your foot.

Any way, it appears to me that by the time your front foot plants, you glove is already dropping or swinging out to the side. The result is that you’re not able to delay shoulder rotation long enough to get good hip and shoulder separation. And that robs you of power. Try to stabilize your glove out front and make sure it is still out front at foot plant. You can make this easier by developing good tempo and getting into foot plant quicker.

[quote=“J-Roc”]…what I had in my head at the time, which was to move forward more and take a longer, faster stride, but a slower windup.[/quote]J-Roc. I like what you’re trying to do with the 1st 2 items but that last one, in bold here, isn’t what I’d recommend. The idea is to have the throwing hand go through the much maligned and sometimes misunderstood “high cocked” position just as the front foot lands. This points to my agreement with Roger about not seeing the front foot. It’s an important checkpoint that we can’t see here. Now, back to the windup. Try breaking your hands later and keep moving sideways harder and longer. Experiment with the timing that works. Slowing stuff down is not something I’d recommend.

[quote=“annarborkid”]Looks kind of like you are rushing your delivery.[/quote]I don’t see this. Moving quickly and rushing the delivery are 2 different things.

Here’s a shorter video that shows my feet

Alright, so:

  1. Longer, Quicker Stride
  2. Move Forward more
  3. Don’t Collapse Back leg
    ^^ I’m finding those are very hard to do without a mound
  4. Delay the barrel rotation
  5. Fix arm separation

I’ll see about getting a new clip up later today or tomorrow

its not bad to drop your back leg. yours is just drastic. i had a similar problem. also, think drop, then drive. not together. drop first, then drive.

Better Angle, New Windup that works very well for me so far. A few things to note:

I can’t get my stride to the length of my height without the ball skidding across the asphalt, a few inches short, but, again, I’m on flat ground; I think I fixed my back leg collapsing, if that’s still too much, please let me know; and still I’m having speed problems, but delaying my upper body rotation seems to take even more speed off the ball (I feel the sling in my arm when I do it, I just can’t get any muscle to back it up)

This is an update, if anyone has any advice not yet mentioned, PLEASE speak up, I need as much help as possible.

Your stride is too short and your shoulders start to open up before foot plant. Less momentum as well.

I like the first two clips better in terms of lower body action. Your shoulders are opening up early in those two as well.

I find it really hard to tell whether or not the shoulders are opening before the hips or even when it happens relative to footplant. I like most of what I see here with 2 thoughts. Yes, the stride is very short. I’d suggest that it’s mental imagery that is at the root of this. What I’m getting at is that you seem to be just placing the front down where it feels comfy and that your stride is not being driven by momentum generation.

What’s driving your stride? Try getting in your head that the majority of the stride activity is sideways centre of gravity motion and not a front foot thing. Motion of the front leg and foot, whether swinging them or utilizing a down and out motion, should be in the context of assisting with that first premise, sideways c.o.g. motion. Then, late in the stride, the core and the legs rotate into landing while the shoulders stay closed.

The second thing I note is the leaning back toward 1st base (or the house beside you). I suggest you either stay straight up and down or even have a slight forward bend at the waist. The leaning back results in lots of posture changes as things progress.

MY opinion

the leanin back has NOTHING to do with u on a mound or not

both legs collaps, stay up straight more…