For Little League Dads

I’ve seen too many time on this forum questions like what is the average velocity for a 9 year old…

There are numerous factors that go into throwing velocity including maturity, body size, amount of practice, and genetics.

Two kids in my town that did not break 60MPH in little league recently just went in the MLB draft as pitchers. One throw 88-91 mph now and the other throws 93-96. What changed? Well, the human body evolves and matures at different rates. One man went from 5 foot 5 (age 12) to 6 foot 4 now. Some young men grow taller into college, where others are done growing by sophmore year of high school.

I also know 4 little leaguers who could throw 70 mph at age 12. Why? These kids had facial hair and were forced to shave while in “little” league. It was obvious these amateurs were maturing into men at a much faster rate. Of these men none of them play now. Two of them had arm injuries and the other 2 decided baseball was no longer fun.

I’ve found that these type of dad’s asking these questions are curious as to whether there ‘little Johnny’ is the next Stephen Strasburg in terms of velocity…

To ask these questions doesn’t do your child any justice because, if we even look at stephen strasburg he went from throwing 90 mph as an 18 year old to 100 mph as a 21 year old.

Rather than asking “whats the average for this age”, let your son find out for himself how many mph’s he has in the tank. To assume well if the average velocity for a 10 year old is 55 mph, and my johnnys throwing 60 mph at age 10 therefore he will always have a better arm than most of his peers, doesn’t do a dad or son any justice.

Why worry about how hard an 8 year old throws anyway??

they are just trying to get reassurance for their kid. If you tell them what the average is and they are higher than that then they must be doing something right, example: practicing and working hard. If they are below the average you tell them then maybe they should work harder.

Than goes to the question what is the average. Well i could tell you that majority of kids their will be an average for. Some kids will obviously be above average and throw harder than that and other people will throw slower. Velocity means nothing if you have no control and if your only arsenal is a fastball. In my age group we had a kid throwing 85mph we absolutely crushed him and he gave up 17runs in about 3 innings, the reason is fastball wasn’t good. I throw 87mph and i have a good change up and a nasty curve and i dominated all year long.

Enough about me but do you see what i am saying here. That their may be averages, but you are just trying to reassure that you are doing something right.

Just remember to keep practicing hard, working hard, eating right, when it comes the time(start weightlifting). You will do fine.

I see too many little league dads who think, because there kid is dominating little league competition - it will somehow “carry over” to the big diamond. This doesn’t do anyone any justice.