ok so ive been watching alot of clips now and the clips i mostly watch are of the pitchers like kazmir and anyone in his fastball range. it took me a while to notice this since once there in a certain phase of delivery you dont tend to wana focus on the back leg. but check out these gifs and watch there bag toes drag…

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ive always thought that the turning and pulling your hips to the plate was how you gain velocity so ill use these gifs as examples. could be wrong so correct me if i sound stupid in any of this please. The back leg comes off as if there pushing to the plate right before the landing leg hits, which i thought supported the pushing off theory, but after it comes up it drags a little bit before coming up. if it were pushed i dont think the balance could suport the balance required to thow 95 while draging a foot. it would also mess up the chain in your body being pushed right before landing and would also decrease velocity. the foot must be drug with the hip rotation and momentum from coming to the plate to lengthen stride,i dont think there drags are real hard just hard enough to see the marks . i dont know you guys tell me what you think

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I don’t think foot drag equals velocity. But, on the other hand, foot drag doesn’t equal “taking something off” as in the old teach of dragging the back foot to take something off your change-up.

no i didnt mean it as equalling velocity its just a title, because of how much your taught not to drag your foot because of lose of velocity.

I think that the fact that they drag their feet means that they are pushing off farther, and with more power, creating a dragging of the foot. its not the foot drag that increases the speed of the pitch, but what creates the foot drag.

if you know what i mean