Football Training alright for baseball?

It is offseason for football, we were are already starting to train for next season. I was doing a baseball workout, but now I stop that to do football training. You guys think it’s good to have football training instead of baseball training?

If your doing a lot of heavy lifting for football, then that isn’t the greatest thing (assuming you plan on pitching). A lot of heavy lifting makes you stronger, but tightens your muscles which isn’t what you want as a pitcher

I decided that I won’t pitch this year since its my first year playing in an 16 - 19 year old league. I am 15 years old. My fastball would be like a change up to them. I plan to play shortstop, but then again, I won’t get to play much since I’m a rookie in the leauge. Thanks for your comment

In all honesty the size at your age could help you. You have to maintain flexibility though. But I’d recommend DB chest press instead of bench press. But squatting is a good movement for baseball and all sports in general.

Anything that makes you faster is good. Remember you can be a power hitting with good running speed. I mean stretching singles to doubles and doubles to triples with speed is a shortcut to helping slugging percentage.

What workouts are you doing though?

on mondays we do legs and arms (not biceps)

on wenesday we do chest and shoulders

on friday we do legs and back

we do the typical squat, dead lifts, cleans, bench press, shoulder press, up right row lifts.

right now we are not going for heavy weight, we are trying to get our technique first. So all you just reading the part were i said bench press, don’t go posting without reading this paragraph!!!

the workouts your doing should be fine, it will surely make you a stronger hitter, but, like bower said, maintain flexibility.

Personally I like cleans for baseball.

yes, most football workouts will be more than adequate at the high school level. Reason being that the goal is the same. To develop power (speed and strength). Most suffer from lack of general strength anyway, so this alone will gain most players 5 or 10 mph if they take it seriously. I know most players on my team would be touching 80 if they were in great shape, but as it is they barely touch 70 mph.

oh yeah btw, i forgot to mention, since my school is small, only 600 students, and the size isn’t big, we base our team on speed and strength. We do agility drills before we workout. And we do a lot of conditioning.