Football Grip Change Up

For my change up I throw a football grip change up - similar to this link

  • although I tuck the ball into tight between my thumb and index finger w/my middle finger on the seam to pull down… Throw it just like a fastball, but my fingers are on the side so I can’t throw as fast, and it naturally spins and dives down…

I was wondering if anyone knew if this causes any unusual stress on the shoulder or elbow? I coach a 10U travel team and have some of the kids throwing it - which is great to see when it works for them… but i don’t want to be potentially hurting them… Since there is no turning over/supenation like a curveball I’d figure it isn’t as stressful.

Thanks for you input,

never heard of it. i may mess around with it today

Never heard of it either there so many variations to the changeup its just whatever you feel best with and what works best for you, however its probally the easiest to pick up coming from a hitting standpoint i mean your fingers are up and its pretty obvious what is coming.

it’s basically a beginners curveball

check it out in articles

It’s a great pitch for me… works better than my curveball at times and I throw it consistenly for strikes - sometimes it just drops off the table, other times it slides.

I don’t think it’s a problem of the hitter picking up the fingers for me - if you go by the link I posted; yes, I can see that. I hold it with my index and middle finger all on the ball w/the pinky and ring finger under the ball. Throwing w/the motion of my fastball your only going to be able to pick up on the spin.

I would like to know if this may be damaging to the shoulder or elbow… I’ve had zero problems w/my elbow myself but have had issues w/my shoulder but that was prior to me throwing this pitch.


seems cool, i’ll try it out later today

Based on the link - and the previous post - I also feel this is simply a beginners curveball. For young pitchers, there would be some concern for arm problems if the pitchers is turning his hand and wrist sideways really early in the delivery. Any time the hand goes to the outside of the ball (forcing the hand turn supenate, the opposite of its natural motion) you run the risk of little leaguers, whose joint growth plates are solid yet, hurting themselves.

On a side note, I have seen some of my clients throw this pitch and I do not feel it will be an effective pitch past middle school ball. The velo is slower than a fastball, but the “break” on pitch is usually slow and loopy (read - easily recognized by a hitter)

A regular change-up, that fades down and armside is still the toughest pitch to hit in all of baseball - ask professional hitter

no it causes no stress whatsoever. you throw it like your throwing a fourseamer.