im a righty, and i blew out my left foot (I had 2 bones connected in it).
The physical therepy people want to change my arm slot from a low 3/4 slot (It helps with the movement on my FB, and it’s my natural slot) to a high overhand, like mike mussina. What should I do? I can still pitch, but i’m also worried about my hitting. I think because my foot still has limited movement, i should hit lefty. What do you think?

Is this for reasons of some sort of physical therapy or is it to prevent further foot injury or to prevent a delay in healing?
Changing one mechanical part to accommodate another (injured or not) is rarely a good idea.
Also, changing arm slot is seldom a good idea, IMHO.
So, back to the initial question - what are we working with here? Rehab? Injury prevention? Accommodation of healing?



it’s to get back into shape from the surgery. I throw 65 with good control, but my strength is my movement on my fastball.