Foot Width?

My son and I have experimented with a wider than normal foot width when in the set position. His foot width is now about 1 1/2 shoulder width. His speed and accuracy immediately improved. He is 11 and not tall but has strong legs. He feels his lunge to be easier and more powerful. I see much better rhythm. Anything wrong with this?

You want your foot width (stride length is what it’s more commonly called) to be as long as possible. Most MLB players stride lengths are about 80 or 90% of their height. I could probably do 105% of my height if I want to but it would be uncomfortable as hell. Take comfort in to account when trying to increase stride length but try to make it as long as possible while still comfortable to the pitcher.

Let be specific, I am not referring to the stride length but his set position.

Oh I’m sorry. I doesn’t seem like there would be anything wrong with that. I’m sure whatever is comfortable is best.

A wide foot position often leads to a weight shift back towards 2B when going into knee lift. It makes you slower to the plate. Smart base runners look for this and take off when they see it - especially with RH pitchers.

Roger, my son easily jumps in velocity 3-4 mph by adding this? Every pitch he throws is in the hallway. It works for him. Any suggestions to keep this wide base and work around it? Work on new pick off moves? Thanks.

Not sure how a wide base itself adds to velocity. Seems like it must be causing something else to improve which leads to more velocity. Would be nice to figure out what that is to see if it can be done without the wide stance.

But keep in mind that I said a wide stance often leads to a weight shift - not always leads to a weight shift. If your son does not exhibit this weight shift, then this is a non-issue.