Foot positioning

i find that when i put the outside part of my toe of my shoe on the rubber instead of the entire side of my foot that it helps keep me closed and i dont stride across my body, plus i get more velocity and control

ive looked at many pitchers and seen none that do this… could this potentially be a problem down the road?

it looks like: /|

| = rubber
/ = foot

dunno if that helps any

The NPA teaches that but only as a last resort. They try to make other adjustments to fix timing before resorting to angling the heal of the foot away from the rubber. If you’re having trouble staying closed, chances are there is another more appropriate fix.

are there any suggestions that you could give me without seeing any recent video?

its still snowy here in canada so i dont have anywhere to film :frowning:

You could probably try getting your hips moving toward home plate sooner and faster. This will eliminate extra time in your delivery - the time it takes to get over-rotated. In other words, you’ll only have time to just get squared up to the target.

Another possibility is that you have a posture issue that pulls you offline and causes you to open up early.

Another possibility is that you have a glove arm that flies open or drops too soon causing the shoulders to open early.

Without seeing you, these are my best guesses as to what might help.

i thought thata makes ya throw inside? but i am probaby wrong