Foot Pointing up

I was working on my mechanics infront of a mirror and noteced my foot pointed up during my leg lift could this have any necative effects?

I’m assuming you mean that your toe is pointing up? Many people will tell you to point your toe down saying that it will give you better balance. Honestly I don’t buy it. I think it’s more a matter of personal preference. Nolan Ryan, in his book Nolan Ryan’s Picher’s Bible, which he wrote with Tom House, he notes that while House promotes the toe pointing down, he(Ryan) personally felt more balanced with his toe up during the leg lift.

There are some other decent :slight_smile: pitchers who do this as well.

I agree, whatever feels comfortable, just make sure you are not landing on your heel.

I land on my heel a little bit. Any drills to help stop this?

you can land on your heel as long as you roll to the ball of your foot before you throw

Landing on the heel is not itself a problem. But if it is an indication of a lack of momentum to get out over the front foot appropriately, well, there’s your problem.

Conventional wisdom used to be that pointing the toe helped balance, and so that was taught. A current thought is that not pointing the toe allows you to lift the leg higher. Ryan always felt that if he lifted his leg higher he could throw harder. The reason is that is gave him more time for forward momentum.
So, it’s okay to lift higher if you have good forward momentum. If it causes you to tip back toward second base,it’s not so good. I know you didn’t ask that, but I’m sure my comment will engender that question.
Anyway, to direct to your question, not pointing your toe is not bad, especially if you maintain balance and posture. It also allows you the future option of higher lift and increased plateward momentum. JMO, tho!!



I like that. Can I use it?