Foot plant?

Is it just me, but it seems that i create more velocity and a whippier whipping action when i make a defined effort to really turn my front planting foot towards homeplate when just before my foot hits the ground…anyone know what I am talking about?

you have probably a tendencie to open up a bit too soon and this corrected your mechanics. i usually recommend it when i teach my guys. in the end, everyone’s different and just do whats working for you.

is best to open up the hips before foot plant? The videos I have watched in slow motion show Many opitchers even MLB Pitchers opening up before foot plant

Actually, what you just did is created more rotational velocity, which is easier on your arm and also increases velocity.

I think you’ll see - for many pitchers - that hip rotation starts at or right before foot plant as necessary to open up the front leg/foot which is dictated by one’s flexibility. But their hip rotation finishes after foot plant and after leg firms up and braces.