Foot Placement

I recently had some control issues and i didn’t understand why. I kept throwing pitches way off mark and they wouldnt go where i was aiming. Well I decided to place my front foot down earlier before i threw the ball and that helped tremendously. It also helped my pitch speeds. I was just wondering, how much could those little types of flaws effect the location and speed of pitches?

I’d want to see a “before” and “after” but without that I’ll take a guess and say that the change you made caused to you change something earlier in the delivery and that is what the real problem was.

As to your question, little flaws can certainly have big impacts. Just a slight posture change early in the delivery can have a big effect on the outcome of the delivery.

Thanks, i can’t really post any videos online, though. But i will have to keep this delivery and not cnange it because it works out for me very well. :smiley: