Foot Finish

When you land on your foot in your delivery, should your foot be pointing towards the plate, third base, or somewhere in between?

Im pretty sure you have it pointed towards home but i would like anybody elses input on it

Generally pointed toward home plate or slightly closed (turned inward toward third base for righties or toward first base for lefties). I’d say, too, that most pitchers generally land flatfooted (heel and ball at roughly the same time). This keeps the hips from opening up, so you can then brace up over a flexed front leg.

(Although Mark Prior lands noticeably “heel first” in the picture below, he braces up very well over his front leg. Doc Gooden lands flatfooted, toe to the target. Juan Marichal lands flatfooted, but the ball of his front foot “slips” out at the end. (Notice how his front foot toe turns slightly toward first base?) It could be a sign that the mound is bad. But it’s also an indication that his weight is on his heel. And generally, your weight should favor the ball of your foot once you land and you’re in your follow through.

Have you seen Prior in shorts? His legs are like tree trunks. Can you say “functional strength”? :wink:

“His legs are like tree trunks.”

At school they called him “Thunder Calf’s” or some close faximille of.

Maddux lands heel to toe, he looks like his toe faces the batter (rh) or just inside on the plate.

I agree with all of this.

Maddux (and Clemens and others) lands very slightly heel to toe. He’s mostly flat, with the heel touching down first.

Geez how big of a stride is Prior taking in that clip below?

Also another question i had that im just gonna post here is, if i dont bring my left arm towards my chest (im a righty) when im releasing the ball could it affect my velocity at all.


It’s called “flying open with the glove” and it can reduce the rate at which your shoulders rotate (for complicated reasons related to spinning ice skaters and angular momentum).

I think pretty much everyone agrees that the glove needs to end up at the GS pec for this reason. The only question is how it gets there.

Thats exactly what i was thinking but i was just making sure thanks Chris. I didnt even knw i was doin it. How much velo do u think it was taking away, maybe 1-2 mph? I know it varies depending on the pitcher but just a guess.