Foot Drag Problem

My back foot drag has always looked like the picture shown above. Has anyone had this, and what have they done to fix it?

RHP, toe on left side of picture, heel on right.

IMO, you might be over-estimating the meaning of your drag-line. They come in lots of different shapes, lengths, etc and a few successful pitchers don’t even have one to call their own.

Here’s one from a RHP that roughly resembles your own:

You can see it etched into the mound in front of the 1B-side of the rubber…if Vasquez started his delivery more from the 3B-side of the rubber, it might look even closer to what you described.


Any slo-mo of Jon Lester?

Wow that is a great slow motion and a wonderful angle to watch…thanks.

Is your drag-line somewhat of a “C” shape? I guess a LHP would make a C and a RHP you would have a backwards C.

If so, my son had that and we found out it was because he was not using his entire foot to push off. He has basically using only the ball of his foot and lifting his heel way to early. Once he fixed this his drag-line straightened out and he now has a straight line to the plate. His velocity and control both picked up also.

Make sure if you are working off the stretch to fix this to have the side of your heel pushed up against the rubber. It may seem like a little thing but you will feel the difference.

gettingthere, buwhite: Thanks for the kind words about the video clip. Unfortunately, I don’t have any video of Jon Lester…my collection is dependent on how many games I can go to at AT&T Park or the Oakland Coliseum.

Here is an index I put together that shows current availability of video clips of pro players on my YouTube channel:

YouTube doesn’t have great clip-organizing tools…if they did, my collection would be presented differently than it is now. Still, if you’re interested in a specific player that I do have video for, like Chase Utley for example, you can go to my channel and search the channel by his name…then you’ll see everything I’ve got up with Chase Utley in it.

Most of my clips tend to be of SF Giants players, because they play in all of the AT&T games.

Thank you for the replies. Nice video clip.

Thank you very much Senator, I think that was my issue.

I have that same foot drag, i’ve noticed it on my mound and didn’t what to think, this has really cleared things up