Fooling the hitter

When i pitching and i have two strikes on a hitter i sometimes move my hand in glove as if i was trying to get the grip of an off speed pitch but i just have my 2 seam grip and i moving my hand around. Most of the time i blow the ball right by the hitter or he pops it up because hes late. I’m curious if anyone else does this or something close and the results of when you do it.

Oh yeah definitely. I see pitchers on my team do it all the time. You start fooling with it a lot and then just pitch whatever you want. Some kid on my team fools around with the ball before each pitch the batters learn not to sit on an off-speed pitch when he’s fooling around so he has no problems with pitches getting guessed.

Good thinking! Like Bower said, lots of pitchers work the ball in the mitt to avoid giving away an offspeed pitch to the hitter. Use whatever means you have to gain the advantage!

Good luck, have fun!

i do that too. especially when it seems like they’re picking something up off of me