what are the best things to eat and drink that help get rid of a cold. Sickness is going through our team right now and just seems to linger. If anyone has a diet plan that would shorten sickness time please let me know. Thank you

maybe some like herbal tea or orange juice lol, just drink alot of fluids like water.

Lots of water helps big time, and maybe some citrus fruit
(they say vitamin C helps, don’t know if it actually does though).

Gatorade does the trick for me. But, like Redsox05Repeat says, OJ’s a staple “cold” drink. That’s coming from my mom.

Amino acid supplements, particularly of the liquid variety, do a tremendous job of boosting my immune system. They are plentiful at nutrition centers and relatively inexpensive. I started using liquid aminos to enhance my workout performance about 2 years ago and noticed that i simply do not get sick anymore. Before this, I would catch colds all the time.