Food help

What is the best kind of food to eat before a game and what is the best kind for after? I’ve heard pasta is a good choice.

I’ve also heard that if you eat before an activity you are supposed to wait at least twenty minutes before doing much. Any thoughts? Thanks!

the eat and then wait before you play thing is a myth…some people will get cramps not everyone will

but if you eat a big bowl of ice cream or a bowl of cereal filled with milk and then go get yourself overheated your probably gonna vomit and feel horrible

before a game i usually have a nice helping of something like green beans or oatmeal on the side and then either have some type of meat or some eggs…that way your getting some protein and carbs in your body before you go out and play…I think if you had a big plate of pasta that will slow you down. I always feel tired if i have a plate of spaghetti for dinner it just zaps all my energy so i wouldn’t recommend that before a game

after a game i eat just about whatever i can get my hands on because recently i’ve been playing 2 a days and we don’t get time for a meal in between the games i just take some rice cakes to snack on throughout the game and then afterwords i go at it…

i stay pretty healthy no matter what tho, just get a book on nutrition and read up on it…meats and veggies!!

one of the best “beginner” books on nutrition that i have is called “lean bodies” by cliff sheets, i read it in maybe 2 weeks, its not very long and it touches on all the basics

If I ever have pasta, it’s the day before the game.