Follow up to "Not really feelin it"

I had tryouts last week and did well. I made the varsity team (Overall almost 70 people trying out for 35 spots). Most likely I am going to be the back up 2Bman and maybe a mop up guy. This is fine with me. Now I am definantally feelin it.

I think I was mainly nervous in the time before try outs. I had to try out for varsity this year, and I was expecting all the returning varsity guys to be amazingly good. They are good, but im not the worst one.

Things are good now and baseball rocks again. Thanks to everyone who gave advice to me.

good to hear your in the team and love baseball again :smiley: im going to go threw the same nervousness trying out for a league next week :cry: wiisssh me luck haha

are you the best in there? if not it’s time for you to be.


As soon as you start doing well as mop-up guy and one of your starters gets injured, you may be starting. Make sure you’re ready to take advantage when opportunity knocks. :wink: