Follow up on hip rotation

If you watched the video, you’ve seen the routine they have them do. I’ve been doing this except I’ve been using a band wrapped around my waist. I’ve only been doing it for four days; however, I have noticed some changes. Going through my motion on flat ground, my stride has been effortlessly increased by about 3-5 inches, while ‘freeing’ my hips. Its made me feel my hip rotation, it’s given me almost like ‘hip awareness’.

On flat ground my stride went from 6’1-6’2, which is my height, to 6’4-6’5. I also strided as far as I could while not ‘overstriding’, I stayed within myself, and on flat ground I strided 7 feet rather comfortably. 7 feet was something that I had to lunge for previously (more of a drive leg workout, not actually trying to pitch that way), and I believe that this could be due to the hip rotation exercises. It really made my lower body rotation feel more effecient.

Now I was doing this with a 10 dollar band, not the 275 dollar Somax trainer, so I’m not advertising that product, but I am advertising doing the stuff from the video, just with a band, add some resistance to the hip rotation. For me, it seems to have really helped in the way of hip/shoulder separation, which we all know as a major velocity component.

Can you post of a video you doing the exercises? I have a idea how you would do them, but a video would demonstrate it much better.

I have a band with a handle on each end, I put the one handle around my bed post, the other I stick through my belt loop, then i wrap myself the way I’ll be rotating once.

Then to do the rotations the other way I just wrap it opposite.