Follow Through Motion

i sued to follow through across my body a little
my shoulder started hurting
i stopped for like two weeks letting my arm rest and not throwing
i didnt change my mechanics but i started following through straight down
my shoulder hasnt hurt since but my velocity is down a little
is there a correct way to follow through
( i throw 3/4)

There is no set way to follow through, just follow your arms path. Most 3/4 guys (Verlander or Burnett come to mind) tend to not really flatten their backs. Just let it come.

Watch the delivery motion of Roger Clemens in the picture on the upper right corner of the screen.

Watch how his entire delivery from start to finish is a cycle, starting with the buildup of energy on his throwing side, then driving forward on his glove side, then releasing all that energy back again on his pitching side.

Also pay particular attention to the way his glove side - from the shoulders to glove side elbow, gets out of the way. Also watch how his entire upper torso turns - exchanging his glove side shoulder with his pitching side shoulder.

But he doesn’t finish his delivery cycle just yet. After his release, he brings his pivot foot along for the experience. This motion by his pivot foot actually helps his upper body turn with and easier go of it, in stead of leaving the pivot foot planted and then “dragging” the pivot along the ground.

Clemens is textbook stuff. Pay extra attention to his upper torso - it’s his power delivery secret.

Coach B.