Focus methed

Im now going to be thinking a couple things before each pitch and each at bat so I can stay focused all game.
I call It SAFF
S-hitters stance
A- hiters ablity’s
FF- Front foot how to get them on there front foot with off speed.

This will help me focus on each and every batter and i can pick them apart and shut them down.

Can you think of any good ones or is this good?

that sounds good, but I think I would make it SAFFOC. I added the O and C. O stands for open and C stands for closed cause you have to notice how to pitch to a batter based on whether they have an open or closed stance.

Edit: just realized that the S is stance but OC elaborates lol

I would add a C at the end for “batters composure”. Does he look like hes a serious guy whos gonna take some real cuts, or does he look scared to death? If so, chuck a ball around his chin and really instill the fear of god into him. Do that, and you’ll find 3 outside fastballs are gonna sit this guy down.

I would also add DO for “Dont overthink” If you keep all these things in mind, your turning a simple game into a systematic destruction of the hitter. Some guys like Pedro do this instictevely, but for someone whos not as naturally gifted as him (Almost nobody is), it can really mess you up if your thinking about “I can get this guy inside with a fastball because he has a slightly closed stance” rather than remebering that this same guy bounced out weakly too you last atbat when you threw him a changeup away.