Foam rollers

im someone that gets real sore and tight in the legs after i workout. i heard that foam rollers would help with this. i tried it and it just makes it worse. has anyone used these. is this just common the first couple times.

I have one. They are painful to use, but it feels great after you finish with it. Yes it will be worse in the beginning.

is using these foam rollers for tight muscles good for your body? can it cause injury? i heard that it lengthens out the muscles and that it might cause injury any truth to this? specifically lower body because i get very tight in my legs and nothing seems to work.

I think this will answer just about every question you could possibly have about foam rollers and soft tissue work:
(just a note: that site contains some ads and pictures of bikini clad women).

Is the tightness problem all the time, or only after exercise? How is your overall flexibility? What about your posture?

the tightness is much worse after workouts but i always have real tight hamstrings and hips. i have bad flexibility in these areas and stretching doesnt do much for it. posture, i have i guess whats called rolled forward shoulders. i really want to get more fliexible.

Read the section here about PNF stretching:
Give that a try and see if it improves your flexibility.

On the whole though, I think that the more you improve your bodily alignment and balance, the fewer problems you will have. I have basically the same problem as you - extremely tight hammies - which in turn has lead to slightly rolled in shoulders as a compensatory response. That has also led to extrernally rotated knees (and resulting knee injuries). Where I’m going with this is that one link in the kinetic chain can throw things way off. By concentrating on correcting your hip and hamstring tightness, you might be able to correct other existing problems and prevent future ones. Pete Egoscue has made some decent progress in these areas, although I think there are better methods than his “e-cises” out there.

ok thanks alot kc

I would highly recomend this product
I have problem with back spasms alot and i just roll it right out. This can save a bunch of unwanted worrying about more serious problems. And if you have calfs or hammy’s you can just roll them and it will have you feeling 100 times better