Flying Open

Ok, well today I had my first appearance on the mound since 2007, and I was very dissapointed by my preference…

I started off well but as the inning progress I had less and less control over my fastball and I kept hitting the outside corner. My coach told me afterward that, after I threw few pitches I started flying open. I have heard it mentioned here before but, what exactly am I doing when I am flying open? I am assuming it has something to do with my glove side shoulder but what exactly is it? and how would I try to correct myself? and help would be appreciated.

My first guess would be the glove flying open. But could be the front leg flying open. Or the shoulders flying open. Or your fly is open. :lol: You need to ask your coach what, specifically, is flying open. The fix will depend on what’s flying open.

Basically what your coach is telling you is that your glove side arm, or leg, or both have rotated through too early. If you check your landing, your lead arm should be closed off and not yet on the other side of your body. Your lead leg/foot should have landed in a straight line to the plate or slightly closed as well. Judging by your other post about your elbow injury, I would imagine this flying open is a probable cause. If you blow open or fly open it puts a great deal of stress on your arm, especially elbow because your arm has to do all the work considering your front side has already rotated. You need to fix this. Have your coach show you how to stay closed on your front side.


I agree with rhermus10 that a “flying open” problem can cause health issues for the throwing arm and especially the elbow. Post som evideo and we should be able to offer some help.

Look at the clips on this site. Study the big leaugers. Try and stop the video when the front foot lands and see where there glove is. They are all closed, some better than others. Compare those videos with your own.

Ok guys thanks for the advice. I started working on not flying open and my accuracy has increased some what but I dont think I am quiet there yet. I will try to post a video but the problem I cant find the coord to plug my recorder into my computer :?

greatest advice ever…
Nolan Ryan quote: You cant throw the ball until you foot plants
think about that when your pitching