Flying off the mound

sometimes I fly off the mound towards 3rd base… and I’m a lefty. Why is flying off the mound bad… b/c most of the time when I do its a good pitch

A lot of times, falling off to the side is an indication of some other flaw (e.g. a timing issue).

ohh alright thanks rog… yeah my instructor dude said like that sometimes I break my hands too late… so I have to rush my arm… making a bad pitch… and hurting my arm sometimes

not always bad

I don’t think its always bad. If your making good pitches and your arm isnt falling off I personally wouldnt worry about it. Bob Gibson used to fall off to an extreme and he was great. I believe that if its not broken, don’t fix it!

There are always successful exceptions to what are usually considered good mechanics. But that’s no reason to teach that or to allow a young pitcher to try to develop with that issue. Would probably be the long way to success.

But if it puts extra stress on the arm, it may cause issues down the road. Unless you have a crystal ball that works, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry.

yeah sometimes it just like naturally happens… like honestly i could land 5 to 6 or even more feet from the mound but its a like perfect pitch… It just happens sometimes

It depends on how you get there. If you can finish your pitches well and you fall off because you just create such great momentum then I don’t think it’s that bad. If you start falling off before you release the ball and don’t have good life on your pitches then that’s a different story.

Sometimes it is pointless to compare kids to pros. Most of these pro’s are freaks when it comes to mechanics. You have to keep in mind what the best advice for the average kid is going to be. Some pro’s can do wackey stuff like Lincecum and be fine with it. Most kids can’t do some of the things these pro’s do for success. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fine for a kid to do but chances are low that you will discover that at a young age and is probably best to coach the most injury free way of going about pitching.