I am 16 years old and I am not very flexible even though I strech my legs every day. I was wondering how important being flexible is and some things I could do to increase flexibility. Thanks

I find being flexible for pitching as very important. The more flexible you are the more range of motion your gonna have. Stretch three times daily make sure your stretching your upper body along with your lower.

Do a search on google for
PNF Stretching

Join a yoga class :smiley:

That way you have a structured environment that you cant skip out on… plus there are always extremely good looking ladies in yoga classes. It’s a win-win.

HAHA i like the idea i might do that myself this summer lol

i really like stretching at the end of the work out when your muscle is nice and warm and already stretched out. its a good time to try to push your limits a little bit during stretching (try to get someone to help you stretch, pull on you a little bit to help you go that extra inch that you normally cant reach)

yeah getting a good stretch in after a workout is a good idea although im not a big fan of stretching before its really important to wait till ur warmed up before you stretch. it sounds weird but i dont really stretch before i pitch either i found it to be more effective for me maybe its not a good idea but it seems to work.

what kind of streches should I do and how long should I hold them for with how many sets?

well if you have somebody that will help ya take your arms and hold them out and have the person pull them back wiht your palms facing forward then turn your palms down and repeat another is put your arm behind your head and have someone pull down for you and hold your arm in an L shape like you would look when you throw and have them pull back hold for about 15 sec and do each one 2 to 3 times.

I’m trying and stretching everyday for about 10 minutes or so, late at night.

I don’t have lots of flexibility on my legs also.
Heck, when I was a child I used to put both legs behind my head, but now I can’t even touch the ground with my legs stiffen… :lol: