Flexibility Workout?

Would anyone on this board happen to know of any workouts or drills that help flexibility for pitchers? I’m looking to become more flexible before the season and I’m wondering if I should just stretch more and work it that way or if there is any specific training that could help?[/url]

Active Isolated Stretching
works well for increasing flexibility. Also doing plyometrics, or even weightlifting exercises, with a full range of motion will add to your flexibility. Look up the snatch and the clean and jerk to check out the full range of motion.

my team does plyometrics and at 1st i thought it was rediculous but i have noticed a significant difference in my flexibility along with my agility, jumping ability, and overall speed and quickness

I would recommend skull crushers. Just take a regular dumb bell with your preferred weight and lay back on the bench. Make sure that there is room behind you (meaning do not lay with your head on the side with the supports). With no supports near however, I suggest making it a pretty light weight and work up judging from what you can handle. Lay back with the dumb bell held firmly in your hands over your face with your arms straight up. Slowly and with great control, flex your forearms and nothing else back until you touch the middle of the dumb bell to your forehead. Or, if possible, past your head, and bring it back up into the first position.