Flexibility and Separation

I’ve heard from administrator Roger (whose advice I completely trust) that if you were flexible enough, then you could open up your front foot into its plant without your hips being open.
If being flexible allowed you to open up your front leg into foot plant without hip rotation, then why would you want this? Hip-torso separation (big factor in velocity) is generated by your hips being open and your shoulders being closed, so does the maximum separation happen before you land or after??? If its after, then the separation would not be affected by the purported extreme flexibility???

Delayed hip rotation is likely going to be more explosive hip rotation. It happens later but faster which maximizes the stretch-shortening cycle in the core to maximize shoulder rotation velocity. There’s still time to delay shoulder rotation long enough to achieve max separation.

Back before Steven had to get rid of the MLB clips, there was a clip of Mark Prior that showed him opening the front leg and foot while appearing to keep the hips completely closed until right after foot plant. But I’d say this is the exception - not the rule.

Thanks Roger! That definitely clarifies things for me :slight_smile:


I have great success teaching Pitchers of all ages to maximize their stretch-shortening cycle when I show the Pitcher how to come into their Foot Plant athletically stacked - with their Head vertically above your Bellybutton.

To manage their vertically aligned Foot Plant, I use the Pitcher’s Pitching Chain - a one-page, stop-action film strip of their motion - to adjust their Arm/Leg actions to keep their Trunk athletically stacked throughout their entire single leg phase.

The more flexible your Body, the more you can stretch muscles groups at Foot Plant, the more explosive your reflex shortening becomes.

L.A. “Skip” Fast
Pro Pitching Institute

Where in our body do we need flexibility?


Good question.

Since pitching is a full Body activity, you want to be flexible throughout your entire Body.

The more flexible your Body, the greater extension you realize, the more energy you generate when contracting.

L.A. “Skip” Fast
Pro Pitching Institute