Flax & Fish Oil

I have read a little about Flax and Fish Oil. They seem to be good in many things as far as recovering also. I am just wondering if anyone takes these and how do you take it (pill, oil, seed). From my understanding it’s good to take both.

Anyone tried or had any results?


I take both (pill form).

You can definitely tell the difference when you take them and when you don’t. After weight lifting, or hauling heavy things around at work, I would normally have been really sore the next day. Recovery is the biggest improvement I have seen, but it is nice to know that fish oil and flax seed oil help to keep you healthy in the long term.

One thing to watch out for is the fish oil burps. About 30 minutes after you take them, you get these real nasty burps. I was confused the first time because I hadn’t eaten any fish :roll: So I would avoid taking the fish oil before a date.

If you’re going to take flaxseed, take it in oil form, you’ll get more benefit from it. Anyways, I take Now Super EPA, and I never have any fish oil burps… To tell you the truth, it’s very rare that I burp actually, hmm… But, yeah, as far as results go, it’s a little hard to tell, although, I do feel as if my vision has been sharper since taking the fish oil. Anyways, there both good for you! I’d recommend fish oil over flaxseed, but if you want to take both, go ahead.

When taking the fish oil, aim for 1 gram of DHA and EPA each day.

Man-o-man, I took flax seed oil for about a day during my second year in pro ball after reading about some of its benefits. I mixed it with oatmeal. All I can say is that it was SO bad tasting, I literally thought I was going to die.

I’m surprised you guys can stomach the oil – but more power to you!! (I switched to pills, btw.)