Here is a 3b view of a little bit of flatground sock and ball work i did working on keeping my weight back and my hips closed until I throw the baseball. I know CoachPaul along with zita, and jdfromfla along few other guys were giving me some things to work on mostly with my lower half. I was curious how this looked. I know its not a real bullpen and not 100% but just what do you think now that i tried to clean it up a little bit

I’d like to hear what “keeping my weight back” means to you.

Well one of the things that my coaches have been working on me with is keeping my head over the center of my body. The reasoning would be that if my upper body is getting out in front of the middle of my body then it rushes my delivery and I don’t get nearly as much on it. So by “keeping my weight back” I’ve been trying to keep my weight over that back leg as long as possible

Ok, that’s a reasonable explanation. And I agree that getting the upper half out front early is problematic. But here’s something for you to consider… How about keeping the upper half (i.e. head and shoulders slightly behind the center of your body by getting your butt or hips moving forward sooner/faster? This gets you into that “lead with the front hip” position to create some leverage and it also uses your lower half better to create more momentum which is energy that can be transferred up the chain and into the baseball (if you sequence and time things well).