Flatground vs. mound

ive only actually pitched off a mound once when at the practice the other day. the rest of the time im on sand/rocks. there is a huge difference between pitching off the mound and off the sand/rock in the sense that its much more stressful of the arm. there are no public fields with a mound that ive seen in the city or in surrounding cities. any thoughts on how i could get onto a mound or make the flat ground less stressful on the arm?

Ok all the flat ground work you do will not help you on the mound the reason is the body/mind thinks of flat ground and mound work as to different activity’s. So saying that you should only pitch on a mound not on flat ground.

Pitching down hill is totaly different from pitching on a flat surface and flat ground work can’t help you at all the mechaincs are diferent.

i throw about 4-5 mph faster off a mound. result of altered mechanics? cause when i do the mechanics that i do on the mound on flatground i end up tripping :?

ok then just throw off a mound for now on because flat ground work is a waste, it is not the same as what you are going to do in a game so it makes no sence to do it.

the problem is there arent any mounds around here. theres no public baseball parks here, only the ones without mounds.

Then you kind of have a problem that idk how to fix unless you built a mound.

cant, i live in a condo.