Flatground mechanics

What are your thoughts on my mechanics? Any feedback is appreciated. I’m mainly inconsistent with my control and don’t really miss consistently to one area, although up and in (to a righty) and in the dirt seem to be the most often misses.

I apologize that they are not off a mound, but this was the best I could do

The biggest thing that comes to my mind is…why are there no fences in your neighborhood? lol


A couple of thoughts on the subject:
Pitching on flat ground is all right if you’re working on a new pitch or on some particular aspect of your mechanics, but the real test comes when you have to take it to the mound and throw from that elevation, because you’ll be pitching from the mound in games. So I would suggest that the sooner you can get to a playing field with a real pitcher’s mound the better, and you should have a good catcher to work with. Very often it’s the catcher who may spot something that needs to be addressed, such as what you’re doing with the follow-through. That’s what I used to do in my playing days—I would work on flat ground when I was working on a new pitch, but the first chance I had I went to a playing field that wasn’t being used and I took a catcher with me and had him set up behind the plate and catch for me while I worked from the mound. Incidentally, the mound in my day was fifteen inches high. 8)

I would like to see you get your post foot off the rubber quicker…looks like you lag back before everything comes forward.