Flat ground

does practicing on flat ground affect ur mechanics on the mound
if so how wud it affec it

im not sure but i heard that it throws off ur timing

I do it and it has helped me not hurt me. I would rather throw off a mound but sometimes a mound isn’t available. I don’t think it throws off your timing - but I wouldn’t just throw flat ground I would try to get to a mound at least once a week

Thats the whole point! When working off flat ground you need to keep your mechanics the same. It just puts less stress on your arm. The best thing to do while warming up and throwing is to use pitching mechanics leg lift and all to emulate emulate emulate. Pitching is repetition and muscle memory.

Throwing on flat ground can be very useful when you’re working on something, and then when you move to a mound you can refine it there. My pitching coach used to have me throw on flat ground when he was working with me on something, and then we would move to the mound on a usually unused playing field near Yankee Stadium and continue to work there. Like the time when he was working with me on holding runners and pickoff moves. We did this on flat ground when we were working with phantom runners, and then he got a few real live human beings to play base runner on that field so I could get some practice working off a mound—this was part of an afternoon of good old-fashioned fielding practice.
So…working on both can help a lot. :slight_smile: 8)

I pitch off flat ground all the time and when I do get on the mound to pitch it helps me and hasn’t hurt me one bit. My mechanics are great, no timing issues. It’s all positives across the board.

It all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. If you’re speaking of control, then I’m strongly in favor of specific practice. Control practice on flat ground will not effectively transfer to the mound. There are so many differences in timing of the parts that your most effective target practice is in the same environment that you’ll be facing in your games. That includes distance and effort level.

Use flat ground for what it’s worth, just don’t expect your control to increase. Make your practice specific. You get good at what you practice and not at what you don’t.