Flat ground video footage w Slowmo

Heres a video is just did yesterday. This offseason I’m working on my front side glove. I tend to rotate my glove arm , instead of leading it out front and bringing my chest to the glove.

You do some things well and look polished. But you have a few flaws which are really holding you back.

The good first: Your glove action is somewhat quirky yes, but it adds to your deception while at the same time you do a nice time of stabilizing I honestly see nothing wrong there. Your lower body looks fine as well.

However, there are a few things which are costing you alot of velocity.

  1. You lack seperation, something which I believe you understand after briefly reading your blog.

The biggest thing however is that you are very linear. You finish towards home plate instead of rotating around the spine.

Here’s a clip you can look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VWi6rZRTGM&feature=related

Watch this and compare it yourself, tell us what differences you see. Look specifically at :54-:58 on your video and :31-:34 on the Lincecum video.

good stuff man, some things above poster said but pretty solid… mind if i ask what is your velo?

i am posting some videos off the bump soon, i have a strange problem with my lower half that can be looked at b/c you drive pretty well

Besides for the above post which has some great advice I think that you could get your back a little flatter, notice Chapman in the video from the post called “Flat ground video footage w Slowmo” he nearly get parallel to the ground with his torso on the release. You are about 2/3 of the way there.

[quote=“Priceless”]The biggest thing however is that you are very linear. You finish towards home plate instead of rotating around the spine./quote]

What he said…really work on transferring and rotating , also try to maximize the long stroke…don’t decelerate.

Ok everyone thanks for the feedback. Just got back from throwing and I was working on somethings.

Priceless- I find that really extending my front side glove to the first baseline really creates more separation. You can really feel the trunk rotating. At leg lift I was working on rotating around my posting leg like lincecum. I felt a much better transfer of weight from the back leg to landing. Ill get video of me throwing tomorrow and upload it.

Drewski- Last season I was 86-89 (pro) and 84-87 (college) the difference in velo was starting to reliever.

Another checkpoint for you to use is to compare your release point to your front foot. Ideally, your release point would be 6"-12" in front of your front foot.

In you video, it looks about even with your foot. To get that release point further out front, you’re going to have to delay shoulder rotation longer relative to everything else. The keys to doing that are taking care of posture and glove. Increasing your tempo down the hill can also help - you don’t have to delay rotation as long if everything else speeds up.