Flat ground versus a pitching mound

a friend and i had a argument about this earlier
will you gain velocity more velocity on a mound rather than on flat ground? i say yes he says no

will 4 inches more higher of a mound give you more velocity, i say yes he says no… thoughts…

Of course there are variables that always come into play. If your mechanics are such that you take advantage of that 4" - 6", then yes, it can help BUT if, for example, you have a very short stride, you won’t get any benefit out of that height.

Well there you go wandering into the truth Tanner, why do you think they lowered the mound after Gibson had his 1. whatever era year? You generate leverage in that small height difference which means velocity. This is also why most programs (I have seen) recommend flat ground work in between starts, it also puts less stress on your body/arm, so you can work on stuff with less damage.
You should have bet him, so you can take us all to lunch. :smiley:
And DM is right to a point…don’t know who would take such a small stride but it is the momentum generated by the difference in height that makes an increase in velocity from a mound.

There is a small increase in velocity possible from a mound relative to flat ground although not every pitcher is able to take advantage of it.

However, that isn’t the primary advantage of throwing from the mound for most pitchers. The real advantage comes from being able to get more of a downward break on the curve and for most pitchers being able to throw the fastball at more of a downward angle.

The effect of MLB lowering the mound back in the Gibson era had a negligible effect on velocity. It had a significant effect on ball angle.

I’ve spoken about this before…
One time Chien-Ming Wang was pitching for the Yankees against the KC Royals, in Kauffman Stadium, and early in the game he ran into some trouble. So Jorge Posada called time, went out to the mound, and told Wang to shorten his stride. The reason for this was that Wang is a sinkerball pitcher, and the mound in that KC ballpark is lower and flatter than the ones in other ballparks, and for a sinkerballer that can be disastrous! So Wang took Posada’s advice, shortened his stride, and pitched seven very strong innings and got the win.
The whole point is that if you’re that type of pitcher you have to make sure the mound is high enough.