Flat ground velocity vs. Mound Velocity


Hello all, haven’t posted In a bit but wanted to pose this question. Do you think there’s a difference between velocity on flat ground vs. velocity from a mound? Or is velocity the same regardless of what type of surface it’s thrown from??


Not sure about flat ground but assume would throw harder from a mound. The difference between a portable mound with turf shoes vs clay mound with cleats is substantial (in my son’s case). He’s typically 3 mph more from a real mound vs portable.


Yes, there is a difference—a huge one. When you’re throwing or pitching off a mound, you have gravity to help you, and your speed (I like to think of “velocity” as speed plus direction) will be greater, whereas if you’re throwing off a flat surface you don’t have that assistance. I remember how I used to throw on flat ground when I was learning a new pitch or working on a specific aspect of my mechanics—but as soon as possible I would get up on the mound, which in my playing days was fifteen inches high, and do all my throwing from there. Also, you’ll have more motion and more break on your various pitches when throwing off a mound.


I believe Tom House researched (or was part of?) a study a while back that looked at force generation on the throwing arm on flat ground vs mound and it was significantly greater off a mound. More force output, more ball speed.

There’s no question you can throw harder off a mound. And that even applies to higher mounds vs lower mounds, if all else is equal in my opinion.