Flat Ground Velo vs. Real Dirt Mound Velo


I am a 2018 grad, 6’2" 170lbs and throw on flat ground 80-81mph. How much more would my velocity increase while pitching off of a mound?


2-5 maybe? Depends on how linear your mechanics are.


What does that mean? Linear mechanics?


If you rely a lot on momentum towards home plate, your flat ground velo will/should suffer quite a bit (3-6 mph), but if you’re rather rotational, it should only take off ~1-2 mph.


Well I know for a fact your stride length will get longer, and that will mean a higher perceived velocity, and you will also probably gain more velocity because you’re stride is making more ground, and so is the rest of your body.


Not necessarily. If the stride is longer and is the same speed as the shorter stride (i.e. The time from leg lift to front foot strike is the same), then yes, there’s more potential energy built up = more velo. However, if one strides longer but slower, the potential energy will at best stay the same, and at worst could decrease. Physics is cool.