Flat ground pitching

every day i practice my pitching on flat ground. i throw at a target.
is this bad for me b/c i am not pitching on a mound. and how can throwing on flat ground mess u up on the mound

i have trouble switching from flat ground to a mound becausce my mechanics and timing is different but realistically it cna help build muscle memory and possibly make the rnasition easier over time.

Because your front foot hits later, you will have control problems. Also, each mound has its own set of challenges. There may be a huge crater by the rubber or the landing zone. If all you do is pitch off the flat you will never be able to cope with hte landing problem.

Also the mound is there for your advantage, but you must learn how to use it. This comes with practice, Ian.

Flat ground should be part of your training (just like long toss) but pitching from a mound should also be part of your training.

I never have access to a full sze mound like ANYWHERE so everytime I go to another field with a mound I am at a disadvantage
I find I open up early and am much slower and inacurate

Yeah i seem to have this problem with my curveball. It just flies away from sometimes on the mound