Flat Fastball

Any tips to get more break on a fastball. My fastball is very flat with no movement at all.

Yep, throw a two seam, it will move but not “break”.

You could always throw the 2 seamer or learn to cut the 4 seamer

This once happened to Jim Brosnan when he was with the St. Louis Cardinals back in 1959. In a meeting with pitching coach Clyde King, Brosnan complained that neither of his fastballs was working for him. King called in a catcher and had Brosnan do some throwjng for about fifteen minutes, and then told him to drop that four-seamer—his two-seamer was working much better for him. So Brosnan became a sinker-slider pitcher and was very successful for some years. You might consider this—develop a two-seamer which in effect is a sinker, and add another pitch, perhaps a slider or a splitter—you would do very well with them. :slight_smile:

I’m with JD and turn.