Fixing the mound while in the game

During the season i played at alot of fields where they didnt get enough water, the batters box and the pitchers mound’s clay was as light as sand. My foot would just sink to the bottom and a couple of our pitchers counting me had a small hamstring pull on our leg that we would land on because there was no traction. Is there anything that i could do so that this would not happen again, would i be allowed to get some water from the dugout or something to spread it on the mound?

If both your coach and the other coach approve I don’t see why not. It’s something worth asking about.

This I why I love metal spikes. If something isn’t shaped the way I want it, I’ll have it the way i like before I’m done with my first inning.
Sandy stuff is the worst though cause you can’t really dig into anything.

This situation is very common and contributes to a lot of injuries and poor habits. If the coaches agree and you want to help the game, your coach can bring a 5 gal bucket of clean moist soil and fill the problem spots. Stamp it down when you pitch or work off the end of the rubber. I would be impressed if I saw a kid/coach do this and it would be a good story/picture for the local sport news.

water want fix this, at least not in time for you to pitch
what i try to do is just move from one side of the rubber to the other or where ever there is solid ground,
sometimes theres not any, you just have to learn how to adjust