Fixed video---Pitching Mechanics - Suggestions/Advice?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

we cant see the video…it is private

I fixed it. Can you see it now?


the biggest flaw is the lack of hip to shoulder separation, which is the main contributor of velocity… If you stop the video at 8 seconds, you will see that when your front foot lands, you drive leg ankle is still parallel to the rubber and your hips are facing third base. If you look at any high velocity thrower, his drive leg will have rotated, opening up the hips.

When your front foot lands, your belt buckle should be facing home and your chest should be facing third base. The torque resulting from that action will generate velocity. Here are some examples I have linked below.

GO through videos of hard throwers and you will see they all do the same thing.

That is where you need to start, first and foremost.

Let me know if you have any questions.

This was really helpful. So the drive leg should rotate immediately after front foot strike? Also, how would I got about implementing this? Just a lot of repetitions?

Remember, this is not an immediate quick fix. I will post some videos.

pause the video at 31 seconds. look at the position oswalt is in. He gets pretty good extension of his drive leg, his chest is facing third and his belt buckle is facing home. That is the separation of the hips and the shoulders.

you want to lead with you hips and ride those down the mound, keeping your front foot and lead leg closed for as long as possible.

At the last moment, you want to ROTATE hard off the rubber while keeping your shoulders closed. Again, never push off the rubber. that will create a disconnection in your mechanics. IT is an explosive rotation.

Look at 10-14 seconds in the video above. Watch how felix rotates his drive leg at the last moment. Then pause at 14 seconds. His chest is still facing third base, his belt buckle is facing home.

Again, i am breaking this down in simplest terms possible to explain it.

are you getting it? let me know

I disagree. Forget the hip shoulder separation for a minute and deal with your intent first.
You have a really short stride and little core involvement. You appear to be going through the motions with little intent to really throw the ball. Use the videos Robertvilla posted and notice the stride and core involvement those guys use to get their velocity.
That’s a good starting point. From there you need to address your arm action. I’ll leave that for another post.

I agree with Turn.

I would ramp up the intent and aggressiveness with the delivery and see where you mechanics are then. That’s when you can start finding areas you need to focus on.

Start there and work backwards!